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Mike Taylor

Founder & Principal
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Mike is a creative innovation leader with two decades of experience in translating new and disruptive ideas into sustained value for global enterprises. He delivers insight and clarity to complex topics, making them relatable for everyone involved, from stakeholders to end-users. Recognized as a generous collaborator, he is known for bringing together diverse perspectives and building alignment towards actionable solutions.

Mike has held roles in innovation, strategy, research, development, and manufacturing at Nike, Steelcase, Bosch, and Autocam where the common denominator was working on complex, ambiguous challenges. Examples include material innovation, digital transformation, business continuity, circular economy, agentive intelligence, mixed presence, and organizational culture.

Mike is a classically trained metallurgical engineer (MS & BS Michigan Technological University) and recovering MBA (Western MIchigan University). He also holds a collection of certificates from design thinking (IDEO and IIT Institute of Design), complex system (Santa Fe Institute), and strategy design (Roger Martin & Jennifer Riel). When not pondering the universe, he spends his winters volunteering as a ski patroller and his summers trying to convince his boys to mow the yard.

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