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In the ever-evolving complexity of today's world, leaders are seeking not just for answers, but for the right questions. At AnaKyno Labs, we're here to explore those questions with you. We see ourselves as facilitators in your journey, helping to map the multitude of paths that lie before you.


The essence of our partnership is grounded in humility and respect for the unique challenges and opportunities your organization faces. We're not here to prescribe solutions but to illuminate the landscape of possibilities, guiding you in crafting choices that resonate deeply with your vision and values.


We stand beside you as architects of change, working together to design a bespoke blueprint for innovation that is as unique as your organization. By combining your intimate knowledge of your business with our diverse perspectives and insights, we'll create paths for translating new ideas into sustained value.


Embark on a journey of transformation and renewal --- with Anakyno Labs, innovation is intentional.

We Create Value By

  • Delivering insight and clarity to complex topics and ambiguous challenges

  • Translating challenges to be approachable and engaging for customers, collaborators, and stakeholders

  • Operating fluidly across the spectrum of abstract, concept, and real domains to identify viable solutions

  • Developing teams with diverse perspectives to explore wicked problems

  • Empowering and upskilling teams and individuals with new critical thinking, problem-solving and design thinking skills

Helping Those Who Are

  • Aspiring to elevate their innovation capabilities and activities to unlock business value

  • Transforming how they do business in new and dynamic operating environments

  • Struggling with strategy and developing actionable choices for their business

  • Seeking diverse perspectives to create new opportunities

  • Trying to disrupt themselves toward a renewal of their business 

Mike Taylor

Founder & Principal
  • LinkedIn
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