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What's in a Name?

We believe in the power of words. They trigger conversations, elicit emotions, and most importantly, anchor shared understanding. Our name is no exception. It embodies our purpose, perspective, and value. So let's travel back 2000 years to the Mediterranean to explain what's in a name.

There were two words for "new" in the Koine Greek language: neos and kainos. Neos means new in a sense of being more recent in time. A new (neos) season of our favorite TV show. Kainos means new in a sense of new quality or different in nature from the old. The internet is a new (kainos) way to find replacement parts for my appliance. Neos is new but kainos is new and improved. Inventing is neos and innovation is kainos.

Continuing this etymology, anakainoō is the action to make new or renew. To move from one state to a new and better state. Anakainōsis is the process of renewal or renovation. A complete change for the better… or innovation. We define innovation as finding a new way that is so valued, one never looks back to the old. New and valued. Kainos. Anakainoō. Anakainōsis. AnaKyno. AnaKyno Labs.

We help organizations transform by putting innovation at the core of their business. To build on what made them great and become renewed, improved, and changed for the better. We do this by focusing on how new ideas are translated to sustained value for your organization. Anakainōsis. AnaKyno Labs.


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